Video and images from the event:

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3 Million Uyghurs detained in Chinese Concentration Camps.
Mass surveillance policies, ethnic cleansing, forced labor, rape, forced sterilization, organ trafficking: This is simply a genocide. However, in 2022, China will host the Winter Olympics.
China detains them, we celebrate China.
China detains them, we finance China.
History will remember.
1936 - 2022, what do we learn from the past?
Join us on Friday, April 9th in front of the Palais des Nations (Broken Chair) from 12:30 pm to ask for a relocation of these Games and to raise our voices against this genocide.

Dr Abduxukur Abdurixit risked his life by adressing a speech at the UN Human Rights Council to defend the Uyghurs. For more details, scroll down to watch the video of Never Again. Right Now.!

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Lisa Mazzone is a Geneva Conseillère aux Etats and President of the Society of For Threatened People. The Society for Threatened People brought a petition back in September 2020 to the Conseil Fédéral, asking to renegotiate the free trade deal with China, in favour of human rights.

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